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Are You Shopping For A New Printer?

printer sales and repairs winnipegIs your old printer slowing you down and wasting your time? Are you a new business looking for a printer solution for your office? Whether you need  a printer for casual or high volume printing our knowledgeable staff is here to help you.

If you need a Multi-function printer that does it all (print, fax, copy, scan) we carry a wide selection of brand name products for you to choose from.

Does your business require you to do wide format printing for things like blueprints or large posters? Call us, we have a solution for you.


Why buy from us instead of a big box store?

Lets face it , you can buy printers at other big chain stores, but if you want expert help in selecting the printer that best meets your needs you will not get that from big chain stores.  What would you rather do, wander around some big box store looking for some part-time person with limited information on printers to help you or partner with our people who have expert knowledge in printer sales and service?

How do I know what kind of printer I need? Here are several question you may want to answer.

  • What options do I need?
  • What speed do I need to maintain productivity?
  • What are the main materials I will be creating with this printer?
  • What is the complete cost of ownership of this device?
  • What type of security tools does this equipment offer?
  • How difficult is this printer to troubleshoot?
  • How reliable is the printer, as well as the manufacturer?


You can request an onsite visit and one of our expert staff will drop by to give you a Printing Solution Assessment.
Call now! (204) 237-4162.

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