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Started in 1990, Winnipeg’s Laser Office Products wanted to help small businesses and non profit organizations get expert advise on purchasing office printing equipment. We also want to help our customers understand their options when it comes to replacing toner and ink cartridges for their printers.

Printer Sales

Your office printers are a key to operating your business. You can count on us to provide you with reliable, top brand name printers, including: HP, Canon Zerox, Samsung and Lexmark.

Lets face it , you can buy printers at other big chain stores, but if you want expert help in selecting the printer that best meets your needs you will not get that from big chain stores. What would you rather do, wander around some big box store looking for some part-time person with limited information on printers to help you or partner with our people who have expert knowledge in printer sales and service?

We will work one on one with you to help you develop a customized printing solution. You can request an onsite visit and one of our expert staff will drop by to give you a Printing Solution Assessment.

Printer Ink & Toner Cartridge Sales

Need a toner or printer cartridge for your printer? Call us and we will help you explore your options including OEM cartridges and remanufactured ones. Do you know you could save up to 60% by refilling your old toner and printer cartridges, while helping to reduce the harm to our environment.

Printer Repairs and Service

If you have a printer that requires repairs, call us and we’ll pick it up for FREE. You can also send us a Repair/Service Request by clicking here.

Call us now! (204) 237-4162, we’ll help you take charge of your office printing.


winnipeg office printer sales and service

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